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Fall 2023 Classes


All Classes are now 50 minutes long and typically $75 a month (regardless of age) due by the 25th of the upcoming month to attend that month and avoid a $10 late fee.

To Register:

Email us your gymnast's Full Name, Age, DOB, and Class Name/Day/Time they are registering for. We will confirm your spot within a few hours.

Upon confirmation, you will have 2 days to Venmo in payment or bring cash or check by the gym as well as email or drop off your 2023 membership forms to finalize enrollment. The forms are in digital format under the Forms and Pricing Tab of the Website.

*Ask us about Trial Classes or Individual Class Options*

Classes Listed as "FULL" are at capacity. We can add you to a waitlist.

Boys Class *NEW*

50 Minutes

Ages 5+

*Will follow the AAU 4x4 curriculum for events* 

$75 for November and December (membership not included)

Saturday 11:30 am


50 Minutes
Ages Walking - 2 Years Old
*Parent/Guardian over 15 must assist gymnast in class

  • Tuesday 5:30 pm



50 Minutes

Ages 3 and 4 Years Old

*Must be potty-trained and able to use restroom on own to attend regardless of age*

  • Monday 5:15 pm 3 spots left

  • Tuesday 3:30 pm 3 spots left

  • Thursday 4:15 pm

  • Saturday 9:30 am 3 spots left


50 Minutes
Ages 5- 7 Years Old

  • Monday 4:15 pm FULL

  • Tuesday 6:30 pm 2 spots left

  • Wednesday 4:30 pm FULL

  • Wednesday 5:30 pm 3 spots left

  • Thursday 3:15 pm (combined w/ Piranhas) 1 spot left

  • Thursday 6:45 pm (combined w/ Piranhas) FULL

  • Saturday 10:30 pm (combined w/ Piranhas) 1 spot left


50 Minutes
Ages 8+

  • Tuesday 4:30 pm 3 spots left

  • Wednesday 3:30 pm 3 spots left

  • Thursday 3:15 pm (combined w/ Guppy) FULL 

  • Thursday 5:45 pm 2 spots left

  • Thursday 6:45 pm (combined w/ Guppy) FULL

  • Saturday 10:30am (combined w/ Guppy) FULL

50 Minutes

Tiny Tumbling: Ages 3-4

Beg. Tumbling: Ages 5+

Int/Adv Tumbling: Ages 5+

**Previous Int/Adv Tumbling class enrollment, $25 thirty minute Tryout, or invite by instructor required to register for this group

Tiny Tumbling:

  • Thursday 5:15 pm

Beg. Tumbling:

  • Monday 3:15 pm 3 spots left

  • Wednesday 6:30 pm 3 spots left

Int/ Adv Tumbling:

  • Wednesday 4:30 pm

FALL 2023!!: Youth Classes
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