Schedule begins Monday, Jan. 13th

Typical Monthly Tuition due by the 1st each month (January tuition is pro-rated, please see under registration info):

$65 (1 x a week)

$75 for preteam (1 x a week) 

$100 per gymnast (2x a week) 

$123.50 for siblings (1x a week)

Spring Tuition Tentative Total for 1 child, 1x a week rec class (Jan-May): $280

This total is subject to change with holidays, breaks, closings, etc. We do not issue refunds, but any over-payment automatically rolls over as credit until used.


How To Register:

1) Check the class that is appropriate for your child's age and interests. Crawfish, Tadpole, Guppies, and Piranhas will work on vault, bars, beam, floor, trampoline and participate in light strength/ conditioning. Students enrolling in Tumbling ONLY work on floor, trampoline, and will focus more on strength/ conditioning and flexibility than our standard gymnastics class. We offer a ONE MONTH GRACE PERIOD for moving up in age groups.

2) Send us an email to nrgaboone@gmail.com with the subject "SPRING REGISTRATION FOR (CHILD'S NAME)." The email should include your student's name, current age, DOB, and class name/ day/ time they are registering for. You will receive a confirmation email within 12 hours! If you do not, please check spam or send us a message on Facebook.


3) Grab a 2020 membership form from our red lid dropbox outside our main door anytime or from our office. Leave it along with your payment in our locked mailbox or office within 2 days of registering.


4) Come to your first class! 

If the class you want to enroll in is full, we can put you on a waitlist for it! We may add new classes as the semester progresses!


Crawfish (Gymnastics)

Ages Walking - 3.5 years old

45 minutes long

A parent or guardian is required to participate with the student. We recommend no more than 2 students per 1 parent. This class is engaging for toddlers and helps them with early development of physical skills as well as cognitive skills. Parents and guardians will help the gymnast stay engaged, follow directions and guide them through the basics of gymnastics. The student must be able to walk on their own for this class.

Monday................ 3:15pm 2 spots left

Thursday.............. 5:45pm 3 spots left


Piranhas (Gymnastics)

Ages 8 - 14 years old

55 minutes long

Students in this gymnastics class spend their time in the main gym area. They will alternate between vault, bars, beam and floor as well as spend time on trampoline. This class is for all skill levels wanting to learn skills on the events typically seen in women's gymnastics. Basic gymnastics form, skills and skill progression are taught at this age. We allow a one month grace period for students about to turn 8 to join the Piranha class.

Tuesday.............. 4:15pm FULL

Tuesday................ 6:15pm 3 spots left

Wednesday.......... 4:00pm  2 spots left

Wednesday.......... 5:00pm  2 spots left

Friday.................... 4:00pm (combined with Guppies) FULL

Friday.................... 6:30pm (combined with Guppies)

Saturday............... 11:15am (combined with Guppies) FULL

Tadpoles (Gymnastics)

Ages 3.5 (b-day before August 13, 2016) - 5 years old

45 minutes long

This is the youngest age group of students we allow to attend class without an adult. Students will work on basic gymnastics skills mostly in our preschool room on smaller scale equipment. They will learn how to work in a class setting with other students while focusing on the fundamentals of gymnastics. In this class, gymnasts will explore basic skills on vault, bars, beam, floor, and trampoline. Gymnasts must be potty trained before they can join this class regardless of age. 

Tuesday............. 4:15pm FULL

Wednesday......... 3:15pm

Wednesday........ 5:00pm FULL

Friday................... 5:00pm  1 spot left

Saturday.............. 9:30am 2 spots left



Guppies (Gymnastics)

Ages 6 - 7 years old

55 minutes long

Students in this gymnastics class spend their time in the main gym area. They will alternate between vault, bars, beam and floor as well as spend time on trampoline. This class is for all skill levels. Basic gymnastics form, skills and skill progression are taught at this age. We allow a one month grace period for students about to turn 6 to join the guppy class

Tuesday................ 4:00pm FULL

Wednesday.......... 4:00pm FULL

Wednesday.......... 6:00pm FULL

Friday.................... 4:00pm (combined with Piranhas) FULL

Friday.................... 6:30pm (combined with Piranhas)

Saturday............... 11:15am (combined with Piranhas) FULL





Ages 4 - 16 years old

55 minutes long


Tumblers spend their time on the floor and Tumbl Trak utilizing various equipment pieces. Please read the class descriptions and pre-requisites to determine the best class for your gymnast. The instructor of the class may request to move the student to a more beginner class or more advance class if they don't feel they were placed in the best class for their skill level.

Tumbling classes will spend approximately 25% of time on conditioning, strength and flexibility; more than your average recreational gymnastics class.

(BEG) Beginner Tumbling- Students enrolled in beginning tumbling can be brand new or have some experience in tumbling or gymnastics! There are no previous skill requirements. Beginner tumblers will work on mastering and perfecting tumbling skill basics. Skills focused on perfecting: forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, roundoffs, bridges, kickovers, walkovers, basic acro connections of two or more skills listed above, intro learning of back and front handsprings.

(INT) Intermediate Tumbling/ (ADV) Advanced Tumbling- This class is recommended for students who have at least 6 of the following skills on floor mastered (correct form) without assistance: A roundoff rebound, backwalkover, front walkover, handstand to vertical, back bend to stand up, handstand bridge kickover or stand up, back handspring, front handspring, aerial, back tuck, front tuck. Students in this class will focus on tumbling connection progression and gaining a higher skill repertoire. ** IF YOU ARE REGISTERING FOR THE INT/ADV CLASS, PLEASE INCLUDE WHICH OF THE 6 MINIMUM PREREQUISITE SKILLS YOUR TUMBLER HAS IN YOUR REGISTRATION EMAIL. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT PROPER CLASS PLACEMENT IS CRUCIAL FOR THE SAFETY OF YOUR GYMNAST AND THEIR GENERAL ENJOYMENT OF THE CLASS**

Beg Tumbling:

Ages 4-6

Thursday............. 3:30pm FULL

Saturday.............. 10:15am 3 spots left

Ages 7-9

Thursday.............. 4:30pm 1 spot left


Ages 10-16


Int/Adv Tumbling:

(Must include pre-requisites when registering unless previously enrolled in Fall 2019 int/adv class)

All Ages

Thursday................. 6:45pm 


Please observe new pricing.




No trial classes are offered for open gym.

Annual Membership fee is due at the first class along with session fee.

Students should be mature and prepared to keep safety as the top necessity. Horseplay or inappropriate use of the equipment will not be tolerated.

Participants will have free reign to utilize the equipment in the gym to help them in gymnastics. There is no student to coach ratio for open gym. There is always at least one instructor present as a supervisor. The instructor is there to oversee safety, but is NOT responsible for teaching. Students under the age of 10 must have an adult present at the gym during the entire period of open gym. Open gym must be used ONLY to work on skills and routines the student is capable of safely doing. Playing will not be allowed.


ages 6+ 2:00-4:00 

$10 for students enrolled in NRGA's Fall recreational, preteam, or team classes.

$15 for all other participants.




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