What is a Private Pod Camp?
Your gymnast will have a 30 minute - 2 hour lesson catered to the skills and events they need/ want to work on. The best part- You get to pick your "pod"! Your pod may be an individual lesson or you can include friends, family, neighbors, etc. There can be a maximum of 7 gymnasts per pod.

Do participants have to be the same age?
No! Ages can be mixed. We do recommend participants be similar in age to get the most out of the lesson, but our coaches are happy to accommodate.

Who is the coach?
You have the option to pick your coach or allow us to pick one that best matches your group's goals and schedule! Some coaches may have more availability than others. 

How often do we attend and can we change days and times?
Yes! Unlike our rec. program, private lessons are scheduled directly with the coach! Between you and the coach, you can choose the days and times as well as the frequency of attending. You can attend twice a week, skip a week, attend a different day, etc! Just stay in touch with your coach!

Do kids need to wear a mask?
Please see our mask policy under the Pandemic Updates Tab. We can cater the lessons to accommodate those wearing masks to be lighter in physical exertion. 

Will the coach be spotting?
This is completely up to you and should be discussed with all pod participants. The coach can spot as normal, spot upon request of the gymnast, or can only spot in case of emergency. The spotting option is for the whole group and not by individual participants  You can change your spotting preference by simply communicating with the instructor!

What is the cost?
The cost per hour depends on how many participate in your pod camp.
1-2 gymnast: $35 per gymnast/hr
3-4 gymnasts: $25 per gymnast/hr
5-7 gymnasts: $20 per gymnast/hr
If you choose to add an hour to your private lesson, there is a $5 discount per student off the second hour. There is a $5 discount for siblings.
*Please note that pricing is based on the number that attend. Even if your typical pod has 5 students and only 4 show up, the pricing will be at the 3-4 student rate.

Will there be other groups in the gym during our camp?
Possibly. You can discuss times and days with the coach when the gym is emptier if you have that preference. We will see the highest volume of students after 5pm on weekdays and the lowest on various mornings, early afternoons and weekends. Coach schedules vary in availability. Larger groups may be more limited on time options due to gym capacities.

How do I sign up?
Please have one parent from your group be the designated pod parent. This will be the parent that the Manager and Coach keep in contact with. The pod parent can email us. Please include the goals, skill levels, so we can best match you to a coach. Please also include if you are requesting the coach to be masked during the lesson. If you have a coach in mind for your group, let us know! We will send you a follow up email about getting in contact with one of our amazing coaches! You are welcome to attend both Private Pod lessons and our Recreational Classes. You can also be a participant in more than one pod. The Private Pods are just a new variation of our Private Lesson program to better accommodate the precautions and needs of family and friends wanting to flip together!