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Young Gymnast
Young Gymnast


5+ years old

Sundays/ 2-4pm/ $21 per person
$1 cash/check discount
$5 Team/Preteam Discount

Open gym participants will have free reign to utilize the equipment in the gym.

An instructor is present at all times to supervise, but they are not responsible for instruction. Horseplay or inappropriate use of the equipment will not be tolerated and may result in suspension from Open Gym for an indefinite period.


*You must arrive at 2:00 for check in. If nobody shows up within the first fifteen minutes, Open Gym will conclude. Likewise, after the last student leaves, Open Gym will end. There is no pro-rate for late arrivals or leaving early.*


All ages

Anyday/ Anytime/ $TBD
$5 cash/check discount (details below)

Privates can be done by yourself or with friends! Your lesson plan is catered to the skills and events you want to work on and your schedule is directly set between you and your coach! Don't have a coach in mind? Let us match you with one!

1-2 gymnasts: $40 per gymnast/hr
3-4 gymnasts: $30 per gymnast/hr
5-7 gymnasts: $25 per gymnast/hr

Email us for 30-45 min pricing.

The cost per hour depends on how many attend your private pod that session. Even if your typical pod has 5 students and only 4 show up, the pricing will be at the 3-4 student rate.

There is a $5 discount per student off the second full hour, a $5 discount off the family total for siblings for a minimum of one hour, and a $5 cash/check discount off per family total!

Open Gym / Privates: Open Gym/ Private Lessons
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