Frequently Asked Questions:

Please look over our Rules and Policies Document as well as the FAQ's. If your question has not been answered, please send us an email or call us! 


How much is tuition?

There is a $25 annual membership fee due to participate.

Tuition is typically $65 a month for one child once a week. We base our pricing off of 4 practice days a month. If we close the gym for a holiday or break, and there will be less than 4 practice days that month, we will prorate the price. There are some exceptions to this rule if a certain month has five class periods and the next only has three, where we will count the "5th" class of the month as a class day of another month (to make four and four) for tuition purposes.  Exceptions will be explained in the tuition email sent out at the beginning of each month. There is a 5% discount for parents enrolling more than one child. There is a 10% sibling discount if one or more sibling is enrolled in preteam or team.  Tuition for 2 children once a week is $123.50. The sibling discount does not apply for prorated months.  Amounts below are different from preteam or team.

Prorated amounts: 

4/5 practices- $65 

3 practices- $50

2 practices- $35

1 practice- $20

Open Gym is pay as you go, Pricing per class is available under the class tab.


My child is not potty trained yet. Can they still participate?

Of course! Children who are not potty trained yet must stay in the crawfish class until they are potty trained and 3 1/2 years old. Regardless of age, they may not move up to the tadpoles group until they are potty trained.


Do you offer trial classes?

Yes! We offer one trial class for $20. A completed membership form is required for the trial class. After the trial class, if you wish to continue, you will pay the $25 membership fee, and the full payment for the remaining practices of the month. Please note that attending a trial class does not guarantee a spot in that class. You have two days after the trial class to accept the spot in the class you completed a trial class. Trial classes will begin the second month of each semester.  Open Gym and private lessons require membership fee to be paid the first time visiting. No trial class is offered for Open Gym.


I am ready to enroll my child! What should I do now?

You can call, email, facebook message, or drop by to get set up! All participants are required to have a membership form, $25 membership fee, and the current month's payment in full before we can add them to the role book (unless otherwise noted during registration months). Check out our available classes and pick the day and time you want to add your child to!


We just called/ emailed and are registered for our first class! What do we bring on the first day?

Yay! We are excited to have you join us! If you haven't already, we will need you to fill out a medical/ membership form before participation. It's a simple form and no doctor's signatures are required. The form is not available on our website or via email. Copies are only available in the main office or in the red lid drop box outside our main door. You are welcome to pick it up prior to the first class, or you can drop in about 15 minutes before the first class to fill it out and pay. You will have to have the form complete and the payment in before they can enter the main gym area.

Clothing wise, students participating just need to wear comfortable clothing.  We highly recommend students over 5 years old wear a leotard. All clothing must be tight fitting to make spotting safer! Gymnastics students will be barefoot during class. We ask that students not wear pants or shirts with zippers on them as zippers can rip the equipment. Dangling jewelry can be a safety risk, so please leave all jewelry in the car or in a lobby cubby. Students are welcome to bring a water bottle, just make sure you put your child's name on it! We have a water fountain as well!




I'm an adult. Is there a class for me?

We would recommend open gym or private lessons!


I specifically want to learn a skill, but not take a recreational class. Are there options for me?

Yes! We offer private lessons for $30 an hour or $20 for 30 minutes. You can have your choice of coach and find a time and day of the week that fits your schedule! You will get one on one instruction to help you gain a skill or learn gymnastics/ parkour basics without enrolling in a class. We also offer discounts for private lessons with two or more students if you are interested in a group private!



Winters in Boone can get a little crazy! How will I know if the gym is open?

The gym always does its best to stay open! In the case that we must close the gym for inclement weather, we will post it on our website homepage, facebook page, Ray's weather, send out a mass email to everyone on our email list, and do our best to update the gym's voicemail. If we close the gym, students who would typically come on that day will be allowed to makeup the class another day and time. This makeup will not count as one of the two allowed for the semester. Please use your own discretion when coming in on snowy days! If we have not posted on the website, facebook page, or sent out an email then you can assume we will be open! We try to only post when we will be closed to avoid cluttering your news feed and inbox! We typically go off the Appal Cart schedule!


Do you have any competitive teams?

Yes! We have a USAG XCEL Team and a USAG Level 4 Team. Throughout the year, we have many fundraisers to help our competition teams pay for their competition seasons and we would love to have your support at our fundraisers! Joining team and pre-team is by invite/ tryout  only.


The class I would like to enroll is says "full". What are my options?

Unfortunately, if it is listed as full, that means the class is at full capacity and no more students can be added to it. This also means makeups can not be done during that day and time. If that time or day is especially good for you, let us know! You may not be the only person wanting that specific time and day. If we see that there are several students seeking that time or day for a certain age group, we will look into adding another coach to the class to add more spaces or we may make a new class! We can also add you to a waitlist for that specific time and we will contact you if a space opens up!


When is the best time to drop by or call if I have a question?

Voicemails and emails are checked every afternoon or evening M-Th. Voicemails left over the weekend typically will not be checked until Monday.  Email is the fastest way to communicate if you have questions. Please keep in mind that if you have a question about an account balance, we may not be able to answer it until we are at the gym to look it up the following Monday. If you are planning to drop by the gym, call us and schedule a time where a manager or staff member will be available to answer your questions. Coaches aren't available to answer questions if they have a class in session. When we are closed for a pre-set break, voicemails will not be checked but emails will.


I haven't been receiving emails. How can I get on the email list?

Shoot us an email and let us know you want to be added or just come by the office and let us know! Our mass emails are the best way to stay up to date on everything happening at the gym including breaks and if we decide to close due to weather! We send out emails once or twice a month, so it won't clutter your inbox!





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