Our top priority at NRGA is to keep gymnasts and families safe and healthy. We are implementing many new policies to ensure this for our gym family. Before you sign your membership form and/ or your Pandemic Waiver, please review these policies.

What is our mask policy?

We are following NC's Mask Mandates as well as Mask Mandates for the Town of Boone. All of our staff members will have masks on at all times with the exception of drinking water. Anyone ages 2+ must wear their mask the full duration of their stay in our facility unless drinking water or taking a far-distanced mask break.

Are you checking temperatures?

Yes! Everyone entering the gym will have their temperature checked at the door. Crawfish, Tadpole, and Tiny Tumblers will enter through the Pre-K room back door (OPPOSITE of the first set of stairs when you pull into the parking lot- directly across from the green storage pod) and Guppies, Piranhas, Tumblers, Preteam, and Team will enter through the main door. If anyone's temperature is 100.4 or higher, they will have to go home. We ask that when dropping off your gymnast, you wait until you see them enter the building so you know their temperature check cleared. If the temperature seems high, we will flag down a parent to notify them.

What is the new drop off/ pick up procedure?

Gymnasts will need to wait in their car until approximately 5 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. Wearing their mask, students will line up to have their temperature checked. If they clear their temperature check, they will proceed to their warm up spot. Prompt drop off is very important for temperature checks to be conducted. If a parent will be entering with the gymnast, they MUST enter at the same time prior to class so the coach can do a temperature check. Parents will not be able to enter in the middle of the class unless there is an emergency. 

Prompt pick up is also important so coaches can properly clean the gym for their next class. Please either stand outside your car or come closer to the door your gymnast entered so coaches can release gymnasts to you. All classes in the preschool room are 45 minutes and all classes in the main gym are 55 minutes.  

How do parents pay for class?

Continuing to keep costs as low as possible, our gym only accepts cash and check payments. Payments can be left in our locked mailbox outside (taken inside multiple times a day), given to the coach at the door, mailed in postmarked by the due date, or placed in our inside tuition box IF the parent comes in with the gymnast. The PreK tuition box is under the PreK window and the main gym box is beside the office door.

What if we want to start back but are not ready to be in a class?

We have just the option for you! Check out our "Private Pods" Tab for info on how you can register for your own lesson alone or with your friends!

Is there a waiver I need to sign?
Yes. ALL participants, new and returning, must sign a 2021 Pandemic Waiver form. It must be turned in at your first class. We must have the original signature, so please do not email it to us or e-sign it. All participants will also need a new 2021 membership form. 

Is the gym following social distancing?

Yes! Coaches will be enforcing social distancing at all times for students, parents, and staff. Stations and warm up areas are spaced out for proper distancing. We have staggered the arrival and exit times of classes so coaches can better monitor social distancing as well. The floor is clearly marked for distancing too!

What do kids need to bring with them?

Kids should bring a small bag (drawstring, large Ziploc, small backpack) to carry to each event with them. It should have in it a personal sanitizer and a water bottle with their name labeled on it. Once they get to their warm up spot, they can put their shoes, and clothes in it. The water fountain will be out of use for standard drinking- only refilling water bottles, so please remember to bring a water bottle!! We also will not be utilizing the cubbies or water bottle shelf in the lobby. All belongings will stay with the gymnast or in their car.

Can parents still watch?

Yes, but we are trying to limit the number of people in the gym at any given time. We recommend parents stay in their car unless escorting their gymnast to the door. Our observation area will only hold about 3 people with proper social distancing. We can set up 3 additional seats (mats) near the pre-k room if we need to. We kindly ask that you allow parents with young children or who need to be present with their child have priority for the seating. A reminder that all parents must properly wear masks at all times in the gym, including the observation area- no exceptions. 

How often is the gym cleaned?

Constantly! Every day! Every class has 15-20 minutes in between so the coach can clean the individual equipment pieces used during class. Common areas are sanitized often. At the end of the day, extra sanitizing is done. We are 100% on the sanitation train and take great pride in keeping our facility safe and healthy!

How are you using sanitizer?

We have sanitizer in gel and spray form all over the gym. Gymnasts will be encouraged to sanitize or wash their hands during class. Coaches will sanitize their hands frequently.

Will coaches be spotting?

We will be spotting as normal. 

If you prefer a coach not spot unless there is an emergency, just let us know prior to their class and we will make accommodations.

What if there is a positive case of Covid?

The Health Department is our first call. They will make all of the decisions for our operations. If you or your gymnast test positive or have been exposed, notify us immediately. If a gymnast or household family member tests positive, the gymnast must be out for 14 days from the day you receive the result. If under the age of 6, we would recommend that gymnast wear a mask their first week back if possible.

How are Make Ups and Trial Classes being handled?
We will not be offering make ups or trial classes this semester. Please see our Rules and Policies document for more information on what to do if you will miss a class.  Please understand that this is a temporary but indefinite decision with your child's safety in mind. No refunds are given for missed classes. You can schedule a private lesson to try out gymnastics. Membership fees have been split in half to help accommodate these procedures. 

What if my child or someone in the household is ill?
Please, please, please do not come to the gym if you are experiencing any Covid-like symptoms such as but not limited to a fever, sore throat, or cough or have experienced them in the last 48 hours. Do not come to the gym if your gymnast, a household member, or someone you have been in contact with is awaiting test results or tested positive for Covid.