Has your gymnast expressed interest in joining our 2022-23 competitive team? Team is an incredible experience for gymnasts ready to show off their talents! We take great pride in the awesome group of girls we have representing our gym!


Anyone who is interested in joining our team is welcome to schedule a private lesson to tryout anytime over March-May. Gymnasts must be at least 4.5 years old at the time of trying out.

You can do an individual private (30 minute private) or team up with some friends (1 hour private)! 


1 gymnast: 30 minute tryout - $20

2+ gymnasts: 1 hour tryout - $25 each participant

Send us an email today to schedule your tryout! Students who make team will begin attending the Tuesday and Thursday team Practice at the end of March or early April unless otherwise directed by Evan. 

Important Info Regarding Competition Team:

- Gymnasts are required to attend a minimum of two 2.5 hour practices a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:15-7:45.

- Team is a full year commitment.

- Gymnasts will pay for 4-6 competitions.

- Gymnasts will pay for membership fees for the organization we choose to register in for competition.

- Competition locations are usually within 3.5 hour drives from the gym, but one or two may exceed that this year. All competitions typically fall on Saturdays or Sundays, but some may be on Fridays, and rarely Thursdays.

- Uniforms: Leotard, embroidered jacket, pants, and embroidered bag. 

- Meet fees will be paid in installments over Summer and early Fall months. 

If you are interested in knowing about the financial commitment, please send us an email to inquire.

Below is a list of skills we typically assess during their tryout. Not all skills are required to make the team. Form, focus, and work ethic play the heaviest roles in our decisions.


Pullover, Cast, Backhipcircle, any form of Bronze Dismount (forward roll, cast off, sole circle, underswing), squat on


Handstand Flatback


Vertical handstand, cartwheel, roundoff, backward roll, forward roll, backhandspring, roundoff rebound backward roll, roundoff backhandspring, half turn, leap, tuck jump


Lever, L- handstand, handstand, cartwheel, side handstand dismount, pivot turn, squat turn, straight jump, split jump, roundoff dismount, general fearlessness of being on higher beams

We would love to take every student on our team if we could. Decisions are not made lightly, and we take a lot into consideration when choosing our team from their attitude in class, attendance, skill level, form, focus during class, work ethic, strength abilities, etc. We use the references and advice of gymnast's previous coaches as well as reviewing their overall skill repertoire and progression rate in comparison to our current team. If your gymnast does not make team during their first go around, no problem! The coach who did their tryout can provide skills or events to work on! You are more than welcome to schedule private lessons or continue in your gymnastics class working on those things during Summer. We will let your current coach know of your team interest and they can let us know about your progression. While we do begin meet deposits over Summer, we do not finalize our team until late Summer to give everyone an opportunity to join as they progress. If you tryout for team and do not make it, we will re-evaluate your gymnast around the beginning of July during their normal class time. We thank you for your understanding in our decisions with team.